Stained Glass Highlights

One of my favorite things to do is stained glass.  I use the ‘copper foil’ technique.  In addition to lighting projects, cabinet door panels or window hang panels are other options.

Many types, colors, styles etc are available.   Call and lets talk about this beautiful enhancement.

Bearing wall removal

So how do you remove a wall that’s supporting the second floor or roof above it?  I’m glad u asked.  First photo shows where a center wall once supported the upper floor.  Second shows the new carrier beam in place.  (Note the temporary support in place).

The last is in another home that used to have a ‘standard’ 6 foot opening between the kitchen and dining area – look at the floor, u can easily see the old opening.  What u don’t see is the wiring already moved to a new location.  Still to come is ducts that need to be re routed.

Now, not all walls require this kind of support.  There are also walls that are simple partitions and not supporting the structure.  If u want to change things around in your place, call and I can come by to have a look at what’s involved.

Deck anyone??

If you are considering a deck for your home, call me.   A deck will become a favorite part of your home, adding great utility and monetary value, as well as resale-ability (attractiveness to buyers).

As you can see, we did this one in winter.  It was mild for winter but still not the best for building out doors.  Anyway it got done and the customer was happy.

A Deck is one of the easiest ways to increase the usefulness and enjoyment of your yard.  CALL and lets get started on the plan!

Electrical is one of our specialties

Hi, anyone need electric work done?  If your outlets or switches are worn out or broken, if you want upgrades to the new style, Decora!

Maybe u just want to go to white fixtures, or need new circuits added or other wiring changes.

Also new construction wiring.  Call Halfmoon Properties Services for all your electrical needs.

How about a ceiling fan?

Add a ceiling fan to your room to be more comfortable in the warmer weather.  The Fan will give a nice breeze while circulating the air to de-stratify (mix) the room.  This may be more important if you have taller ceilings or a heat source like a pellet or wood stove.  Fans come with or without lights, of course to save power I recommend one with LED light, or at least use an LED bulb if the fan has screw in socket lights.